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COVID-19 Update - April 16, 2020

This is an update on our previous notice regarding Covid-19.    The weather is warming up and normally we would be excited about the many group rides that EVCC would start posting at this time.    However, this continues to not be a normal time, as we all know, and it looks like it will be important to continue to be vigilant and to limit our physical proximity to other people.

This means that we will continue to postpone any official programming, including group rides, until the health risks have subsided and restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus have been lifted.  This follows the advice of government agencies, Alberta Bicycling Association and our insurance provider.  To support this, we will be posting a blackout period on the calendar until May 31st, and will not be posting rides before then.  We will provide updates on the situation as we have any news.

Stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you all on the roads, trails and pathways when things have improved.   In the meantime, keep in touch with those who are close to you. 

Golden Triangle Update - April 1, 2020

Due to the continuing issues and advisories regarding COVID-19, we are forced to cancel the Golden Triangle for this year.    We truly regret having to cancel, since the GT has run for 36 consecutive years through all kinds of challenges, and has become a signature event for the Elbow Valley Cycle Club.   It takes many weeks to prepare for this event and close to 30 volunteers, so we need to make this decision at this time.   It also seems very unlikely that we will be back to “life as usual” by May 22nd.   We will be processing refunds for this event so please be patient as we work through this.  Please email if you have any questions/concerns.

Please note that we will arrange for delivery or pick-up of GT jerseys for those who ordered them, once our supply arrives.  (estimated mid-May).  It is unfortunate you cannot wear your jersey on the actual GT this year, but you will have a souvenir of the only GT that was unable to go. 

We will be keeping in touch with all members through our Cadence newsletter and also our website.    Watch for ideas to stay active during this challenging time. 

Stay healthy and we’ll see you on the road sometime soon.  

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