PLEASE READ THE FULL RIDE DOCUMENT BY SELECTING THE LINK BELOW Post Registration Handbook May 03 2019 with legacy map and cue sheets.pdf


Note:  You will still need a park permit for the weekend.

Regulations & Registration

  • Golden Triangle – May 24, 25,

     26 2019

     Banff National Park is the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains World Heritage Site. A global treasure of natural beauty, wilderness and diversity of life. It is a place to experience the awe-inspiring forces that have shaped mountain landscapes and wildlife over unimaginable time.

    It is space to give thanks for nature’s bounty for small wonders too. It is also a base for personal exploration and discovery. And it’s here you will experience the best challenge ride ever-

    Enjoy. Connect. Respect.


    What is the Golden Triangle?

            The Golden Triangle is a three-day bicycle tour in mountainous terrain. It follows a clockwise route consisting of three approximately equal distance days. The Golden Triangle is not an endurance contest nor a race. It is purely a recreational and social event.  It is intended that all participants in the Golden Triangle will ride safely and cooperatively. 

    The Triangle is one of many annual ‘Classic’ bicycle tours organized by the Elbow Valley Cycle Club.  


    On Friday morning the tour registration will open at 7:45 AM and close at 9:00 AM. Ride the tour at your own pace. Slower riders should keep in mind how far they have to go before nightfall each day. Faster riders should note when food stops open. The GT is not a race.  Click on the link below to see day by day mileage, elevation, lunch and snack stops.

                Day 1: 106 km   989m               Day 2: 103 km   778m               Day 3: 111 km   1556m

          If you have trouble with this link, contact Don Hollingshead at 

    SPECIAL ADDITION;  click on the link below for downloadable maps with turn by turn directions for each day.

    This link will give you directions on how to download the Ride With GPS app onto your phone and then download the GT 2019 map with turn by turn directions as well as letting you know when you're getting close to the food stops and the halls in Radium and Golden.

    Who can ride?

    This tour, as in any EVCC Classic tour, is only open to members. In order to ride the Golden Triangle you must either have or apply for a 2019 membership.(Note, if you apply for a membership, please wait till the next day to register for the GT for your membership to be processed)  Anyone younger than 18 years of age on or before May 24, 2019 will have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Only one rider under 18 years of age per parent or legal guardian will be allowed.  The fee includes all food, transportation of your luggage and camping sites at Golden and Radium.  It does not include EVCC membership. 

    Registration May 21 and May 24

    For those of you who would like to register before ride day, there will be a pre-ride registration night on May 21, 2019, between 6 – 9 pm at Parkdale Nifty Fifties, 3512 5 Ave NW where you can pick up your registration information and luggage tags.  On ride day you just drop off your bags and go! 

    Ride day (May 24th) Golden Triangle’s registration starts at 7:45 AM from the Castle Mountain Junction Gravel Pit located 26 km west of Banff near the junction of Hwy 1A and Hwy 93.  Registration closes at 9:00 AM SHARP.  The baggage trucks will be available for loading at the start of registration.  Riders return to the gravel pit after completing the 320 km tour. 

    Getting There and Parking

    Parking is limited at Castle Junction where the tour starts. It is a working area for Parks Canada but we park, with permission, according to space available.   DO NOT park in the Castle Mountain Bungalows or Service Station areas as your vehicle might not be there when you return. You MUST obtain a PARKS CANADA VISITORS PERMIT for your car.   Please note – there is NO CAMPING in the gravel pit.  Please try to car pool to fill any spare room in your vehicle.  People needing a ride or willing to offer a ride are asked to email evccgt@gmail.comand put CAR POOLING in the heading.  We will try to match up some folks.  Or, if you know others who are participating, try to work together to reduce the number of cars brought to the trail head.   All vehicles will be given a GT Parking window ticket as a part of your registration.

    Be In Shape

    All potential participants are reminded that they should not attempt to ride the Golden Triangle unless they are certain that they are capable of riding the full 320 km. To enjoy the ride fully, the Golden Triangle should not be your first long ride of the season.  Remember, you will be climbing several major mountain passes so be in good physical shape. Join the GT Training rides each Sunday or any of the EVCC day trips in the weeks before the GT with at least one 100 km+ ride completed before the Golden Triangle.


    GT Support Vehicles

    For riders with serious problems, there will be limited support vehicle service. This will only be for those who need medical help or who have non- repairable bicycle trouble.  Get your bike in good working order and don’t spoil your ride with a bike breakdown. Several bike shops offer early spring tune-up specials.  Cranked and Ridleys have them for sure!  See the GT News for further specials.


    Personal Support Vehicles

         We discourage riders from having a personal support vehicle as it causes congestion in the lunch/snack stops and along the road. But if you insist on having a friend or family member coming in a personal support vehicle, you MUST register that vehicle with the GT coordinator by sending an E-mail to evccgt@gmail.comIf your support people expect to eat the meals please order meals for them through the GT Events page on the website.  There is an additional charge for snacks and lunches which will be charged upon support vehicle registration. 



    The Golden Triangle volunteers and cyclists will be handling about 400 pieces of baggage so please help them with loading and follow the baggage restrictions as follows:

  • ·       Day packs, backpacks without frames, panniers, or other soft baggage.
  • ·       Weight limit is 35 lbs or 16 kg/bag;
  • ·       Your sleeping bag and tent must be inside;
  • ·       Please no breakables, as your baggage may be handled roughly;
  • ·       All baggage must be tagged with your own name tags in such a way that it cannot come off;
  • ·       Bags over35 lbs will be refused.
  • ·       A second bag for hotel delivery will be allowed for a fee of $20 (paid when loading bags at registration) and the limit on both bags is 35 lbs/bag.
  • ·       Two bags will be allowed for camping participants but the weight still has to comply with the 35 lbs/bag. Remember that fellow cyclists help to load your camping bags.
  • ·       If you camp in Radium and hotel in Golden, you will not be charged for the extra bag.
  • ·       If you have some other arrangement in Radium for a place to stay and will be moving your own luggage, please indicate Camping and then you can pick your luggage up at the campgrounds in Radium and/or Golden.
  • ·       Items which riders wish to have with them enroute must be carried on their bicycles. All baggage on the luggage truck will be unavailable until the day’s destination is reached.
  • ·       Exact locations for drop off of luggage will be given in the registration package.
  • ·       The Golden Triangle Tour Committee, Volunteers, and the EVCC cannot be responsible for any unidentified baggage.
  • ·       Be kind to the volunteers (and other cyclists) handling the luggage by abiding by the weight limits.



Although a bike mechanic will accompany the ride, each rider is expected to have basic tools and be capable of making simple repairs. Carry tools, spare tubes, a patch kit, and a pump. It is stressed that this tour is for the PREPARED cyclist. Stock parts carried by mechanic are very generic and are provided at competitive prices.

First Aid

First aid kits will be available in most support vehicles. Emergency medical assistance can be summoned via radio from any support vehicle. Please note that the volunteer first aiders cannot dispense medication (eg. Aspirin). Please bring your own medication.


Make sure you bring clothing for all weather conditions. Especially required are wind jacket, fleece top, tights, full finger gloves and rain gear. Feet and hands are especially vulnerable. If you don’t have rain booties, bring plastic bags and elastics. You may experience snow one day and require sun block the next. Remember you will be cycling the Rockies with an unpredictable mountain climate so bring clothing for snow, rain, and sunshine. 

Swim Suits 

If you plan to visit the Radium Hot Springs on your way down to Radium on Saturday be sure to carry your swim suit with you on your bike. Access to baggage will only be available at the baseball diamond after 1:00 pm. Some people carry a swim suit with them on day one and then stop for a break at the pool. It’s about 2 km downhill from the pool to Radium. 

No showers are available at the camping area in Radium. 

There will be shuttles to the Hot Springs from 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. compliments of the volunteers. 

Overnight Accommodations 

Camping is included in the price of registration. Anyone wishing to stay at motels or hotels will be responsible for making their own arrangements. For out-of-towners with sleeping bags, the Banff Castle Mountain or Lake Louise Hostels are recommended as the base before and after the Golden Triangle. For reservations contact: The Banff International Hostel, (403) 237-8282. If you did not fill in your accommodation as you registered or wish to change it, please send a note to the GT Coordinator with ACCOMMODATION CHANGE in the subject line. 


Friday breakfast before the tour is not provided. There are food stops every 30-40 km. If you are out of shape or get a late start, you may arrive after the food stops have closed. If you ride ahead of the pack, you may get to food stops before they are open (food stop schedule provided in registration material). In order to reduce the volume of trash that we create, we encourage you to bring your own cup, plate and utensils for snacks and lunches. We are working towards Zero Waste by recycling or composting and minimizing plastic and other waste. 

We accommodate vegetarians in our group meal plan. If you have critical needs/allergies email the coordinator and discuss Bring one or two water bottles to quench your thirst between stops. Water will be available at the food stops to refill your bottles. 

Breakfasts and Dinners 

Dinner Friday and Breakfast Saturday will be at the new Radium Hall, next to the camping area/ball diamond. Dinner Saturday and Breakfast Sunday will be served at the Mount 7 Rec Plex at 1310 9th St South in Golden. A Roast Chicken Buffet will be served on Friday night and a Roast Beefg Buffet will be served on Saturday night. Both breakfasts are a hot buffet. There will be a bar, serving beer and wine, in both Radium and Golden. 


Approved helmets are mandatory and brightly colored clothing is highly recommended to increase visibility. When traffic is approaching, please show courtesy by keeping to the right. Drafting (riding in a close single file) is not recommended. Most Golden Triangle accidents in the past have been caused by inattentive drafting. Safety is of prime concern on this tour – know your limits. 

Refund Policy 

If EVCC cancels the Golden Triangle registrants will receive all funds paid except those required by the administrative process in organizing the Golden Triangle. The EVCC membership is not refundable. If the tour is cancelled during the Ride Weekend (May 24-26, 2019) no refund will be provided. If registrants have to cancel for exceptional reasons (illness or family emergency), you may apply for a refund by emailing the Ride Coordinator at Refunds will be issued on a case by case basis. All participants are responsible for any unexpected expenses that may arise from events such as weather delays, transportation problems or emergency costs. 


See the GT News for more details and a picture of this beauty of a bike. Tickets are only sold at the Golden banquet and the holder of the winning ticket must be in the hall at the time of the draw. 

Luggage Delivery to Hotels 

Luggage delivery will be done to the following hotels/motels in Radium Hot Springs and Golden. If you are not camping and do not require luggage delivery by volunteers (you have family or friends taking your luggage), your luggage will be delivered to the campground. To update your camping or hotel information please contact the coordinator at and in the subject line put ACCOMMODATION CHANGE. Your hotel information has to be correct to have your luggage delivered to the correct hotel. Please remember that volunteers deliver your luggage when you are packing for this event and they have been instructed to not load bags over the 35 lbs limit. 

Radium Hot Springs Hotels/Motels 

Alpen Motel 5022 Hwy 93 1-888-788-3891 

Apple Tree Inn 4999 Hwy 93 1-800-350-1511 

Bighorn Meadows Resort 7563 Columbia 1-877-344-2323 

Big Horn Motel 4881 St Mary St 1-250-347-9111 

Cedar Motel 7593 West Main St 1-250-347-9463 

Crescent Motel 5008 Hwy 93 1-888-295-8822 

Crystal Springs 

Gables Motel 5028 Hwy 93 1-250-347-9866 

Gateway Motel 4992 Hwy 93 1-800-838-4238 

Radium Hot Springs Hotels/Motels (Continued) 

Lido Motel 4876 McKay St 1-877-347-9533 

Misty Ridge Lodge Hostel 5036 Hwy 93 1-250-347-9912 

Motel Bavaria 4872 McKay St 1-888-749-1119 

Motel Tyrol 5016 Hwy 93 1-888-881-1188 

Mountain Springs Motel 4870 Radium Blvd 1-250-347-9654 

Piccadily Motel 4874 St Joseph St 1-888-288-7799 

Prestige Radium 7493 Main St W 1-877-737-8443 

Radium Chalet 5063 Madsen Rd 1-844-849-4557 

Radium Park Lodge (Park Inn) 4873 Stanley St 1-800-858-1155 

Golden Hotels/Motels 

Best Western Mountainview Inn 102411 St N 1-250-344-2333 On Highway #1 

Brookside Motel 1301 11 Ave N 1-250-344-2359 On Highway #1 

Country Comfort B&B 1001 10 Ave S 1-877-644-6200 

Days Inn Golden 1416 Goldenview Rd 1-877-311-2216 On Highway #1 

Dreamcatcher Hostel 528 9 Ave N 1-250-439-1090 

Golden Village Lodge 

Holiday Inn Express 1120 14 ST N 1-855-290-2674 On Highway #1 

Howard Johnson Golden 1439 Lafontaine Rd 1-866-333-5996 On Highway #1 

Marys’ Hotel 603 8 Ave N 1-866-234-6279 

Park Inn 1105 Trans Cda Hwy 1-877-735-5475 On Highway #1 

Pinewood Inn Motel 1405 11 Ave N 1-250-439-1128 Off Highway #1 

Ponderosa Motor Inn 1206 Trans Cda Hwy 1-800-881-4233 On Highway #1 

Prestige Inn 1049 Trans Cda Hwy 1-877-737-8443 On Highway #1 

Ramada Limited 1311 12 St N 1-800-593-0511 On Highway #1 

River to Peaks Inn 420 River Glen Drive 1-250-344-4775 

Rondo Motel 824 Park Dr 1-250-344-5295 

Super 8 1047 Trans Cda Hwy 1-250-344-0888 On Highway #1 

Swiss Village Inn 1107 14 St N 1-866-888-2882 Off Highway #1 

Travelodge 1200 12 St N 1-888-989-5566 On Highway #1 

Some hotels are on or near Highway #1 which means you have to cycle up a hill to get there. The dinner and breakfast are in the downtown part of Golden which means that you have to cycle down to the meals and back up the hill for the night after dinner or to leave town in the morning after breakfast. Taxis are available in Golden to come from hotels on highway #1 to the meals, if necessary. 


Please direct your questions to the following E-mail address with the nature of your question or information in the subject line (e.g. Accommodation Change) or General questions or refunds: 


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